Don’t neglect your teeth because of your age – at Excel Orthodontics we can help you align your smile no matter how old you are!

Are you shying away from getting your teeth straightened because you feel it is too late? At Excel Orthodontics, we encourage anyone who has crooked, misaligned or bent teeth to seek treatment, no matter what their age! More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to help them achieve a beautiful, straight smile, and now you can too!


Neglecting to have your teeth straightened will primarily affect your physical appearance and can also:

  • Create a more difficult site to keep clean
  • Create an increased risk of periodontal disease which could lead to other illness in the body

There are many advantages to straightening teeth as they:

  • Allow a better jaw alignment, meaning no more jaw-related headaches!
  • Allow for easier chewing and eating
  • Enhanced mouth function
  • Easily cleaned and therefore less chance of decay or periodontal disease
  • Less chance for damage to enamel


At Excel Orthodontics based in Adelaide, we have a wide variety of treatments to suit any patient, whether you want to treat your teeth invisibly or don’t mind conventional braces, we can tailor a treatment plan to perfectly suit your needs.