Woman discovers a chunk of tooth in her chip packet

A woman in New Zealand got quite a shock while enjoying a snack at her parents’ house, after biting down on some potato chips she felt something hard and sharp in her mouth. Spitting it out, she saw it was part of an adult molar!

After rushing to the bathroom to ensure the tooth was not her own, the woman claimed she ‘felt a bit sick’ and won’t be eating chips again for a while!


If you have experienced chipped teeth, tooth loss or crooked teeth it is important to see a dentist to ensure no further problems arise.

At Excel Orthodontics we have a wide variety of teeth straightening treatments to suit every age and budget. Whether you just want traditional braces or want your braces to go incognito, we have your solution.


At Excel Orthodontics in Adelaide we know you have no control over how your teeth form in your mouth, which is why we provide treatments without judgement or scrutiny, making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed with us.

It is important that children see a dentist from at least three years of age. This allows us to track your child’s progress and jaw structure and make recommendations to provide your child with the best possible outcome.

At Excel Orthodontics we work under the paradigm that your smile is for life, which is why we have built our practice to ensure your smile will be straight and beautiful.