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Where in the world is Dr Duncan?

Dr Duncan frequently lectures to orthodontists and general dentists all around the world about Invisalign and Insignia. So, you may ask...Where in the world is Dr Duncan?



August 2019

Dr Grant and Dr Wayne attended the annual TIO conference in Melbourne.

May 2019

Dr D took to the airwaves of ABC radio to talk about the advantages and amazing results achieved by treating patients with Dental Monitoring and AI. Dental Monitoring is orthodontic software that enables Dr D and his team to monitor a patient's treatment remotely, all through the use of a smartphone app.

March 2019

Look closely at the programme. Dr D is super proud to be presenting on the main programme of an international meeting with his son Nick, who announced the launch of SmileMate, AI driven oral health reports straight from a smartphone selfie of your teeth. The changing face of dentistry from a home grown Adelaide boy!

March 2019

Our very own Dr D has been off presenting again, this time at the Global Dental Monitoring meeting in Las Vegas. The Straight Smile Centre is recognised internationally as a leader in the application of Artificial Intelligence to orthodontic treatment. 3 years ago our Invisalign aligner change frequency was 2 weeks. Today it is 5 days. Our average Invisalign treatment is less that 12 months. The average number of total appointments is 4, including start and finish/retainers!

March 2019

Invisalign aligners may be virtually invisible but Dr Duncan's passion for this revolutionary orthodontic treatment certainly isn't. He stars on the front cover of the latest issue of Bite Magazine, where he shares his experience of starting out with Invisalign and why he's such a fan of this treatment method. Read the article here.

October 2018

Recently, Dr Duncan has been speaking at conferences for the British Orthodontic Society and for The Invisable Orthodontist (TIO) in the USA.

Dr Duncan outlined his experience in redesigning the entire orthodontic patient and practice process. The Star Trek orthodontic experience goes where no man or woman has gone before. Dr Duncan is helping other orthotists across the globe improve their practise processes and also outcomes for patients, including how to treat them in 6 weeks, or 3 appointments which means less visits to the orthodontists for patients. He also highlighted how to improve clinical outcomes with better aligner tracking, better compliance, shorter treatments, and fewer and/or shorter refinements.

July 2018

Dr Duncan has been at it again. This time speaking in Marseilles, France. Thank goodness they had translators, as his French needs a bit of work. We are so proud of Dr D, as he continues to be invited to locations around the world as a recognised leader in Invisalign and artificial intelligence and remote Dental Monitoring. Next stop, London. For the annual British Orthodontic Congress in August.

July 2018

Dr Duncan regularly presents internationally on aligners and the role of artificial intelligence (AI). He was recently interviewed for an Asian magazine. The article gives some insights into how quickly orthodontics is changing, and how Dr Duncan remains at the forefront.

May 2018

Dr Duncan has been very busy lately. After presentations in Sydney and the UK earlier in the year, here he is at the American Association of Orthodontists meeting talking about the AI driven Dental Monitoring. But the meeting in France coming up will be more interesting for Dr D. He doesn't speak French!

February 2018

Dr Duncan presenting at the Dental Monitoring conference in London UK. And our very own Emily Sutton with her first full day speaking engagement. We are all so proud of Emily. From Adelaide to London. How far will she go?

November 2017

Dr Duncan is onsite in San Diego presenting on Invisalign to a group of specialist orthodontists on the Invisalign system. 17 years, still learning and teaching.

July 2017

Dr Duncan is in LA to present to the US chapter of The Invisible Orthodontist on the Invisalign system.

October 2016

International Insignia Conference in New York City.

October 2016

250 orthodontists from 22 countries listen to Dr Duncan presenting at the International Insignia conference in New York. Insignia braces: digital smile design taking orthodontics and our ability to customise smile design for each patient to a whole new level.

September 2016

Dr Duncan presenting on the management of complex orthodontic problems with Invisalign, in Barcelona, Spain

May 2016

Dr Duncan was an external examiner for the 2016 graduating class of the University Of Manitoba, Canada, Graduate Orthodontic program.

May 2016

Dr Duncan with some of the staff and graduate students in the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic, University of Manitoba, with the new digital scanner donated by Dr & Mrs Duncan.

May 2016

Dr Duncan attended the annual American Association of Orthodontic session in Orlando, Florida, with some lucky staff members. Our amazing Rachel even won ‘fastest Invisalign scanner’!

20 April 2016

Birthday celebrations for Dr Duncan with the ortho students at the University of Adelaide!

February 2016

Dr Duncan with his wife Margaret, and keynote speaker at the Australian Society of Orthodontists, Dr Chris Chang from Taiwan, with Insignia specialist Dr Ashley Smith from Queensland. A night of exchanging ideas on Invisalign, Insignia digital braces, and lingual orthodontics. Good friends, great company, orthodontic passion.

18th November 2015

Dr Duncan & some of our team at the annual Invisible Orthodontist conference!

2nd – 3rd October 2015

Attending and presenting at the annual Invisible Orthodontist UK Conference.

16th September 2015

Dr Duncan sponsor and organise 6 educational webinars for Dentists & Hygienists a year in Adelaide.

10th - 12th September 2015

Our two Dr Duncans & Invisalign consultant, Caroline, are in Barcelona attending the invite only Invisalign European Summit!

15th - 19th May 2015

Attending the American Association of Orthodontists' annual session in San Francisco.

Hosting a webinar in Adelaide to General Dentists on the topic of 'Restorative and Implant Dentistry' - presented by Dr Glenn Van As.

April 2015

Consulting day with Embrace Orthodontists from Canberra. Helping them to integrate Invisalign into their practice.

January 2015

Congratulations to Dr Duncan; he is one of the first Invisalign providers in Australia to be honoured with Diamond Provider status! Dr Duncan treated around 400 Invisalign patients in 2014, and has treated over 2000 Invisalign patients since the year 2000, making Duncan Orthodontcs the biggest Invisalign practice in Australia!

Attending the annual 'Invisible Orthodontist' conference in Byron Bay where German orthodontist, Dr. Jörg Schwarze, presented on complex Invisalign treatments.

25th – 26th October 2014

In Sydney being inducted as a Fellow into the 'International College of Dentists' in recognition of his contribution to dentistry.

Presenting a 1 day Invisalign course to the UK members of 'The Invisible Orthodontist' in London

29th September 2014

Attending a clinical course on the lingual braces technique in Milan.

22nd - 23rd August 2014

Dr Duncan and some of the team in Sydney for the 2 day Insignia orthodontic course. We now use 3D digital modelling and treatment design for fully customised braces and treatment for each patient. Smile design for beautiful smiles!

26th - 28th June 2014

Attending and presenting at the Asia Pacific Invisalign Summit in Singapore.

January 2014

Lecturing to orthodontists on Invisalign and visiting orthodontic practices throughout the UK.

9th - 10th September 2013

Holding a two day "Invisalign Immersion Program" for Singapore and Malaysian Orthodontists.

Providing the Adelaide University Orthodontic students with a full day Invisalign Accreditation Course.

Attending the Annual 'Invisible Orthodontist' Conference in Fiji and about the 'Beneslider' micro screw system.

26th July - 28th July 2013

Attending the Annual Invisalign Summit in Fiji

Lecturing to General Dentists at Dr Gordon McLean's practice on Invisalign and Resorative Dentistry

Lecturing to the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia (SA Branch) on the health benefits of Invisalign

4th June 2013

Visiting Brazilian Orthodontist, Dr Gustavo Vivaldi, spent the day with Dr Duncan discussing Invisalign and Suresmile treatment.

28th - 30th May 2013

Three full days of lecturing to General Dentists and Specialist Orthodontists on Invisalign and implementing into their practice.

23rd - 26th May 2013

Bi-Annual Invislign European Summit in Rome.

18th May 2013

Dr Duncan and the graduate orthodontic students and staff at Guy's Hospital in London. Dr Duncan spoke about the role of Invisalign in the treatment of complex orthodontic cases.

17th May 2013

Dr Duncan with Dr Yassir Aljubouri and Dr Rhu McKelvey, where Dr Duncan presented to a group of Orthodontists in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the management of complex Invisalign cases.

Lecturing to Orthodontic graduate students and staff at Guy's Hospital in London. Plus visiting a number of orthodontic practices to discuss how to implement Invisalign into their practices.

The American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session in Philadelphia.

Macau, attending and presenting at the Invisalign North Asian Summit. See photos here!

Sydney, presenting an advanced Invisalign Teen course for a national group of Invisalign Orthodontic specialists.

14th June 2012

The Advertiser, CareerOne section.

Melbourne, presenting a full day Invisalign Training Course to Orthodontists and Dentists.

Adelaide, on Today Tonight talking about Invisalign and Acceledent.

Adelaide, radio interview on "The Younger You" with Troy Thompson.

Melbourne, "Invisalign Essentials Course"

Sydney, "Invisalign Essentials Course"

Brisbane, "Invisalign Essentials Course"

Phuket, Platinum Invisalign Meeting "Staff utilization in a busy Invisalign Practice"

Phuket, Platinum Invisalign Meeting "Practice Efficiencies"



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