Straightening your smile has more than just aesthetic advantages…

Many Australians suffer from crooked teeth, and many of them do not seek orthodontic care to resolve this issue. At Excel Orthodontics in Adelaide, we understand the many advantages of Are braces for me?, and want you to know them too!

That is why we have gathered these important reasons to have your teeth straightened, so you can fully grasp the beneficial effects it will have not only on your mouth, but on your overall health, too! Read on to discover why you should have your teeth expertly straightened by our skilled orthodontists…


Your mouth is populated with millions of bacteria that, while harmless if kept under control, are able to wreak havoc in your mouth. These harmful bacteria are the causes for tooth decay, periodontal disease, halitosis (bad breath) and other oral issues. Crowded teeth create the perfect breeding grounds for these bacteria, as they breed on the food particles that often become stuck between teeth.

By straightening your teeth you will improve the blood flow within your periodontal tissues, which means healthier gums, healthier teeth, and less places for bacteria to accumulate! Straight teeth also provide an easier cleaning surface, which means that keeping harmful bacteria at bay becomes easy.


Since crooked teeth create a difficult cleaning surface, it is harder to ensure optimal oral health. It is more likely for those suffering from crooked teeth to develop periodontal disease, as your gums become easily inflamed by bacteria if not cleaned properly. If you notice any bleeding after you brush your teeth, your gums may be inflamed – it is important to book an appointment at your trusted dental practice to ensure it doesn’t become serious.
If left untreated, periodontal disease can become severe periodontitis, which involves the immune system to combat the large amounts of bacteria, and can have detrimental effects to your mouth such as the receding of the gums and the breaking down of the jaw bone tissues, which can be extremely painful.


It has been found that those who have periodontal disease also have a higher risk (24%-35% more likely) of developing cardiovascular disease! The reason for this is the inflammation of the gums, and the bacteria involved. The bacteria that cause so much harm can move through the body to cause more damage elsewhere.


At Excel Orthodontics we understand that a primary motivation for straightening teeth is so you can feel better about your appearance. We provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments to suit any age and any lifestyle, so you can feel comfortable while undergoing orthodontic care. We offer:

  • Invisalign – Transforming your smile has never been so easy with the help of Invisalign. Utilising transparent aligners that are virtually invisible, you can undergo your treatment without worrying about how you look!
  • Incognito™ – These lingual braces are attached to the inside of your teeth, which means they cannot be seen! They work as conventional braces, but are adhered to the inside of your teeth instead of the outside.
  • Ceramic Braces – These are the same as conventional braces, however they are made from porcelain, so they are not as visible.
  • Metal Braces – Traditional metal braces, these were one of the most prominent forms of orthodontic treatment.
  • Early Treatment – This helps us detect and resolve any orthodontic issues early before they become severe later in life.
  • Growth Modification – Refers to the use of appliances (eg. plates) to either encourage or discourage the growth of the jaws in order to improve their relationship and thus improve the bite as well as the child’s facial appearance.
  • Adult Treatment – We also provide orthodontic care for adults, including Invisalign, Incognito™ and Ceramic Braces.
  • Orthognathic Surgery – involves the moving of the jaws (by qualified oral surgeons) in order to place the jaws and therefore the teeth in their ideal position thereby improving your bite and facial aesthetics.
  • AcceleDent™ – A light, comfortable hands-free appliance used 20 minutes per day as a complement to braces and Invisalign to accelerate tooth movement.