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Be fearless with a custom sports mouthguard

Protect your mouth during the game – so you can smile big when you win.

Straight Smile Centre is on a mission to help student-athletes be fearless in all their pursuits. We created the Mouthguard Initiative to provide custom mouthguards that offer maximum protection to athletes in our community.

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Why wear a custom mouthguard?

Traditional and over-the-counter mouthguards offer very little protection during contact sports. In fact, if they don’t fit well, they may cause more harm than good! A professional, custom mouthguard is the best way to protect against mishaps on the field, court, or rink.

Protecting school spirit everywhere

Straight Smile Centre has been travelling from school to school to visit athletes on their home turf and fit them for their custom mouthguards. We offer sportsguards with gold medal-level comfort, protection, and breathability to athletes all across Adelaide and surrounding areas.

Who is eligible for a mouthguard?

We create custom mouthguards for athletes who…

  • Are in years 7 - 10
  • Play any high contact sports (basketball, boxing, footy, etc.)
  • Are excited to get a digital scan of their teeth
  • Want to learn how to protect their smile

You do not need to have had previous orthodontic treatment to receive a custom sports mouthguard.

How to receive a custom mouthguard

We will take a quick digital scan of your smile, order your custom mouthguard from the lab, and ship it to you within 7-10 business days. If you also qualify for orthodontic treatment, we will invite you for a free, no-obligation orthodontic consultation!

If you’re interested, please ask your school to reach out to arrange a session!