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29 Jan

Short-term orthodontic treatment has been promoted by a number of dental facilities in recent years, and it is marketed as a faster and more budget-friendly way to straighten your smile. Unfortunately, these treatments may cost you much more in the long run. Orthodontics Australia has issued a consumer warning on their website about the potential […]

14 Mar

When you think of straight teeth, most people think of the aesthetic benefits, but did you know straight teeth actually could improve your overall health too? 1. Healthy teeth Straighter teeth are healthier teeth! When teeth are straightened, they are easier to clean and floss as they have fewer hard to reach places that house […]

29 Feb

When you first get your braces it can take a little while to get used to taking care of them. In order to ease you into your new life with braces we’ve compiled this list of what not to eat with braces so you don’t damage your braces and add extra time to your treatment. […]

14 Jan

With revolutionary orthodontic treatments to transform your smile discreetly, take on the New Year with the smile you have been dreaming of At Excel Orthodontics, we strive to give patients adaptable options to suit their lifestyles and their teeth. Orthodontics is not an overnight procedure and requires patience and meticulous attention to ensure oral health […]

23 Oct

Part 2 of 2: The procedure explained and the dental conditions which make you a potential candidate for Invisalign® During our previous blog post in this series on Invisalign, we focused on the average costs and benefits associated with the clear aligners which have changed the world of orthodontics. Today’s follow up blog will aim to […]

22 Oct

What is the average cost of Invisalign® treatment? Read part one of our series… Over the next month we will be taking an in-depth look into the treatment process, benefits and candidacy requirements associated with Invisalign. Part one of the series will take a look at the Invisalign benefits and commonly asked questions and will be […]

26 Mar

Here at Excel Orthodontics, we provide different orthodontic solutions for patients of virtually all ages. Find out the different treatment age groups and the braces and orthodontic treatments we provide. With practices in West Lakes, Glenelg, Warridale and Nuriootpa, we can provide you with an orthodontic solution to suit your smile. EARLY ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT […]

25 Feb

Wanting a straight, beautiful smile no longer has to be for the kids alone. Here at Excel Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign aligners and Incognito lingual braces for patients looking for a more discreet alternative to traditional wires and brackets. What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment designed primarily for alignment problems. The orthodontic treatment uses a […]

16 Aug

An early orthodontic assessment can potentially decrease your child’s risk of crooked teeth in the future – and will ensure they receive the right treatment. An early dental check-up or early assessment with an orthodontist can help protect your child’s teeth and may even help save you money in the long term by decreasing their […]

22 Jul

Once you’re finished your orthodontic treatment it’s important that you don’t just disregard your retainer. It’s actually one of the most important parts of your treatment. A retainer is a plastic fixture with metal wiring that is designed to fit snugly within your mouth and maintain the position of your teeth after orthodontic treatment. While you […]

25 Nov

Today in dentistry, orthodontic techniques come in a variety of materials which highly prioritise oral health, tooth safety and successful results… One of the most common questions we receive at Excel Orthodontics is; ‘why do braces take so long to straighten teeth?‘. Well, to answer our curious patients, it is because when we’re required to move […]

22 Oct

Taking time to fit orthodontic treatment into your lifestyle can be a difficult thing to master, fortunately Excel Orthodontics offer treatment options to suit any lifestyle… As an adult, our lives are full of work deadlines and social and personal obligations; as such, it can be difficult to factor the health of our teeth into […]

9 Sep

There are a number of physical attributes which contribute to the appearance of a beautiful smile Excel Orthodontics is conveniently located in four locations: West Lakes, Glenelg, Warradale and Nuriootpa. At these four practice locations we are able to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment to our patients no matter whether they are young or […]

24 Jul

Gone are the days when getting braces meant one thing: Today there are plenty of teeth straightening options available Orthodontics is a growing field of dentistry. Metal braces are no longer the sole teeth straightening solution. Metal braces are also not always the unsightly, unpleasant orthodontic treatment it is thought to be. At Excel Orthodontics in Adelaide we […]

25 Jun

Your jaw makes a big difference to the way your teeth look and how your mouth functions There are number of things which can affect the function of your jaw and cause ongoing, chronic dental issues, as well as development issues. If you suffer from development issues in your jaw you may later require orthodontics […]

30 May

Our orthodontists will ensure that the health of your child’s teeth is cared for by our comprehensive range of treatments Here at Excel Orthodontics in South Australia we take an informative approach to our dentistry. This means making sure that all of our patients, even the young are completely knowledgeable about their Orthodontic treatments. This helps […]

30 Apr

Invisalign and Incognito hidden braces are the subtlest braces treatments available on the market The modern world emphasises looking your best all of the time. Although traditional braces are the most tried and trusted form of orthodontic treatment it is not always possible. Traditional braces are metal brackets and wires which are fixed to the […]

5 Apr

Pancreatic cancer cells are thought to be linked with gum disease says British scientists… A recent study has shown gum disease may be a leading cause of pancreatic cancer. The British Dental Health Foundation has recently found bacterium attributed with the cause for gum disease can increase risk of pancreatic cancer by two times. Contrasting […]

26 Feb

By diagnosing issues early we can help prevent serious problems later… The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends an assessment for early intervention by the age of seven, since this is the ideal period to assess the condition and development of the child’s jaws and teeth. Why is this so important? It is because a child’s […]

25 Jan

Straightening your smile has more than just aesthetic advantages… Many Australians suffer from crooked teeth, and many of them do not seek orthodontic care to resolve this issue. At Excel Orthodontics in Adelaide, we understand the many advantages of Are braces for me?, and want you to know them too! That is why we have gathered […]

19 Dec

Don’t neglect your teeth because of your age – at Excel Orthodontics we can help you align your smile no matter how old you are! Are you shying away from getting your teeth straightened because you feel it is too late? At Excel Orthodontics, we encourage anyone who has crooked, misaligned or bent teeth to […]

30 Nov

In fact, a study has revealed a connection between the whiteness of a Presidential candidate’s smile and their chances of winning the election… Your smile is the most recognisable characteristics, and is the key to making a good first impression. When it comes to your career, studies have revealed that 2 out of 5 recruiters […]

25 Oct

EXCEL ORTHODONTICS (FORMERLY KNOWN AS SENSATIONAL SMILES) HAS HAD A MAKEOVER… You will still receive the same great orthodontic care from the orthodontists you have come to know and trust- we are just practising under a brand new name! So come say hello to the team of familiar faces at Excel Orthodontics, led by Dr […]

24 Oct

Bringing your child in for an orthodontic examination early can help your child’s dental and overall health! A new toothbrush that was recently released helps encourage kids to brush properly by playing them music whilst they brush. While general dental health is incredibly important to your child’s wellbeing and is greatly supported by our orthodontists, […]

18 Sep

Woman discovers a chunk of tooth in her chip packet A woman in New Zealand got quite a shock while enjoying a snack at her parents’ house, after biting down on some potato chips she felt something hard and sharp in her mouth. Spitting it out, she saw it was part of an adult molar! […]

5 Sep

Try the new system that reduces treatment time! The ground breaking new AcceleDent™ treatment system is an effective and easy solution to reducing your treatment time! With just 20 minutes application daily, the gentle force of this new system complements that of orthodontic braces or Invisalign to gently aid the process of structural realignment of the teeth and […]

27 Jun

Invisalign is the James Bond of Orthodontic care – stylish, adaptable and almost undetectable. Gone are the days when orthodontic care interrupted social events, school formals, weddings and romantic dinner dates, Invisalign is an orthodontic system that accommodates you and your lifestyle. No longer restricted to adolescent years, orthodontic treatment can now be undertaken in a discreet, […]

5 Jun

One of the more recent and significant changes to the Invisalign process is the introduction of intraoral scanning techniques using the iTero™ and OrthoCAD iOC™ scanningsystems. “I’VE BEEN PRACTICING FOR AROUND 40 YEARS NOW AND BELIEVE THIS 3D SCANNING TECHNIQUE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DELIVER PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS THAT ARE EQUIVALENT TO THE CHANGE HIGH SPEED DRILLS BROUGHT TO GENERAL PRACTICE BACK IN THE 1960S” […]