Try the new system that reduces treatment time!

The ground breaking new AcceleDent™ treatment system is an effective and easy solution to reducing your treatment time! With just 20 minutes application daily, the gentle force of this new system complements that of orthodontic braces or Invisalign to gently aid the process of structural realignment of the teeth and jaw. We are proud to say that we are one of the few dental practices in South Australia that offer this amazing treatment!


AcceleDent™ is essentially a mouthpiece that fits snugly inside the mouth. Attached to the mouthpiece is a rod that hangs parallel to the chin, where the device can be turned off and on again at leisure. Through the gentle application of mild micro vibrations for up to 20 minutes a day, the device is able to accelerate bone remodelling without any side effects.


In one instance, while the product was being trialled in America, the treatment was recorded to cut the wait time of 24 months to just 17.5 months! This means AcceleDent™ culled over 25% off the normal wait time, an astounding result. Imagine your treatment ending over seven months early, what a relief that would be! Now it is possible with the new AcceleDent™ system at our Excel Orthodontics Dental Surgery in South Australia.