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Three reasons straight teeth improve your overall health

When you think of straight teeth, most people think of the aesthetic benefits, but did you know straight teeth actually could improve your overall health too?

1. Healthy teeth

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth! When teeth are straightened, they are easier to clean and floss as they have fewer hard to reach places that house bits of leftover food and bacteria. When teeth are properly cleaned, they have less risk of developing plaque and decay and subsequently require fewer fillings and other restorations. This means the original tooth structure remains in place, maintaining strength.

Overcrowding, uneven bites and crooked teeth can also contribute to uneven pressure across the teeth and jaws. This means extra pressure in some areas and less in others. Excessive force or pressure in a single area can weaken teeth as they are designed to take pressure evenly across the arch. Weakened teeth can lead to wearing down, cracks, chips and a greater chance of decay. Outlying teeth are also at a greater risk of injury as they are left unprotected from neighbouring teeth. Straight teeth help to absorb any excess force and protect each other.

2. Healthy gums

When teeth aren’t cleaned properly, which happens with crooked and overcrowded teeth, gums are at a greater risk of gum disease. Gum disease presents with bleeding, red and swollen gums. If not treated properly, gum disease can affect the health of the tooth overall leading to loose, weak teeth and in severe cases tooth loss.

When teeth are straightened, pressure is evenly distributed again which reduces pain or discomfort at certain stress points, as well as reducing sores and ulcers.

3. Healthy body

Studies are commonly linking the presence of gum disease with other serious diseases affecting the body overall. These studies showcase patients with gum disease that lead to or were linked to cases of heart disease and diabetes.

The mouth is an entry point to the rest of the body. Gum disease can disrupt the gums layer opening up blood vessels and give bacteria an entry point to the bloodstream. This can be problematic for the rest of the body as inflammation and infection can occur in vital organs.

There is also some indication that straighter teeth lead to better digestive health. Straight teeth improve the chewing process, meaning food is digested more easily, reducing the amount of bacteria needed in the gut and promoting health in the digestive system overall.

Orthodontics and braces

Keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy is the best defence against these problems. The easiest way to ensure you are cleaning every surface of your teeth is to straighten them using orthodontics. To view the orthodontic treatments available at Excel Orthodontics, click here.If you are ready to improve your health and the appearance of your smile simultaneously – call the team at Excel Orthodontics today.