With revolutionary orthodontic treatments to transform your smile discreetly, take on the New Year with the smile you have been dreaming of

At Excel Orthodontics, we strive to give patients adaptable options to suit their lifestyles and their teeth. Orthodontics is not an overnight procedure and requires patience and meticulous attention to ensure oral health and the best results.   For many adults, taking the time to fit an orthodontics treatment into their lifestyle seemed impossible, until now.

What are my adult orthodontic options?

Excel Orthodontics is here to help you achieve the smile that you have always wanted by offering aesthetic alternatives to conventional braces, such as ceramic bracesInvisalign and Incognito.

Advances in orthodontic technology have shortened the duration of treatments and produced less-visible methods.  These orthodontic treatment options can complement your lifestyle, and is compatible with your professional needs and social life.

Invisalign: A revolutionary treatment using custom, clear aligners that are completely removable.

Ceramic: An aesthetic, less visible alternative to traditional braces with the use of clear or tooth-coloured materials.

Incognito: New orthodontic braces that are placed on the back of your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Incognito is custom-made and practically invisible.

Are you neglecting your teeth because of your age?

Have you gone years – perhaps decades – trying to hide your teeth, while not once entertaining the idea of orthodontic treatment?  You are not alone. Many adult patients have suffered at the hands of crooked or misaligned teeth, without considering orthodontic options due to misplaced concern about adult treatment. The advancements in orthodontic care have seen treatment options that reduce the overall treatment duration and are barely noticeable while offering the benefits of improved aesthetics and oral health.

Alternatives to conventional braces, including Invisalign, Incognito and Ceramic, have seen the number of adult patients at a record high. At Excel Orthodontics, more and more adults are seeking the benefits of a straightened smile with our innovative orthodontic treatments, and now you can too. Excel Orthodontics offers a comprehensive range of treatments, employing the most advanced technology and techniques to ensure the absolute best smile to suit all ages.

Don’t let your age stop you from enjoying the benefits of a straightened smile.

What orthodontic treatment best suits me?

Our orthodontic treatments are completely custom-made to suit your teeth and your lifestyle. Dr Watson or Dr Chen, our head orthodontists, will perform an oral assessment to determine which treatment would suit your lifestyle and your orthodontic requirements.

Find out more by booking in for a consultation with our team at Excel Orthodontics today.