Pancreatic cancer cells are thought to be linked with gum disease says British scientists…

A recent study has shown gum disease may be a leading cause of pancreatic cancer. The British Dental Health Foundation has recently found bacterium attributed with the cause for gum disease can increase risk of pancreatic cancer by two times. Contrasting with this, it was also found that harmless oral bacteria decreased pancreatic cancer cells by 45%.


Another study focusing on men done in 2007 also found that pancreatic cancer cells had increased by a startling 64% in those who had a history of oral disease.

As you can see by these statistics dedication to a strict oral health regime can assist you not only with dental hygiene but also health on a broader scope. At Excel Orthodontics we care about not just your teeth but the health of your entire body, and we firmly believe the phrase “happy mouth, happy body”. There are simple steps you can take to decrease the amount of bacteria (plaque) on your teeth and improve the overall help of your body. These steps are:

  • Brushing your teeth with a soft bristled tooth brush at least twice a day and ideally within twenty minutes of eating sugary food
  • Booking in with us at Excel Orthodontics to see your dentist every 6 months. He or she can help get the plaque that isn’t being reached by everyday brushing
  • Refrain from eating sugary foods – plaque LOVES sugary foods so limiting yourself is great for your teeth, not to mention the health of the rest of your body
  • Brush your tongue as well as your teeth to get rid of more bacteria in the mouth and bad breath
  • Avoid smoking as there has been a link found in recent studies between smoking and gum disease
  • Floss! A forgotten tip for obtaining optimum oral health, make sure to do every crevice of the teeth


No we’re not talking about guitars. At Excel Orthodontics we often get the question, ‘should I use an electric or manual toothbrush?’ Studies have found that there actually is no difference between the quality of the brush of an electric or manual toothbrush if used correctly. In order to brush your teeth to the optimum effect you should be brushing for at least 2 minutes twice a day, especially before bed time. If you are concerned about how good a job your toothbrush is doing consider asking one of us at Excel Orthodontics about take-home plaque tests which utilise a stain sensitive to bacteria to highlight the affected areas.


  • There are over 600 species of bacteria
  • You are much more likely to have more bacteria if you have braces – all the more reason to be attentive when brushing your teeth and regularly see your orthodontist
  • Plaque is actually the sticky substance which bacterium secrete and it can turn solid, making it impossible for you to get off at home

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