Short-term orthodontic treatment has been promoted by a number of dental facilities in recent years, and it is marketed as a faster and more budget-friendly way to straighten your smile. Unfortunately, these treatments may cost you much more in the long run.

Orthodontics Australia has issued a consumer warning on their website about the potential dental health and financial risks involved with so-called ‘fast’ orthodontic treatments.

‘Short-term’ treatments like six-month braces and other rapid smile solutions are not designed to move your teeth any faster than traditional orthodontic treatment. The treatment simply focuses on the front six teeth and is often ‘completed’ before orthodontic issues have actually been corrected.

A certified Specialist Orthodontist should always lay out all treatment options and discuss the pros and cons of each – including the potential pitfalls of short-term treatment.

Some patients may truly be candidates for rapid treatment, such as patients with only crooked front teeth, or those whose previous orthodontic treatment has slightly relapsed. Unfortunately, many people who need comprehensive treatment are turning to short-term orthodontics.

Orthodontics Australia urges patients to undertake a comprehensive assessment and consultation with an experienced Specialist Orthodontist before considering any alternative short-term treatment options with a general dentist.

While short-term treatment may appear convenient and cost-effective, it can cause long-term dental problems like an unstable bite, protruding teeth, jaw, and joint imbalance, and uneven tooth wear among others. This will hurt your wallet – and health – even more down the line.

Always consult with a trusted Specialist Orthodontist so you can make the most informed decision about the long-term health of your smile.