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Orthodontic technologies

At The Straight Smile Centre™, our orthodontic team works with the latest orthodontic technologies and techniques. This enables us to deliver the best results for you, our patients. Some of these technologies include the iTero Digital Scanner and SureSmile software. Find out how we incorporate these into your treatment plan.

iTero Digital Scanner

One of the more recent and significant changes to the Invisalign process is the introduction of digital scanning techniques, as an alternative to submitting PVS impressions. Digital scans provide a more accurate dental record, allowing even more precise plans for your Invisalign treatment. This means no more unpleasant, out-dated impression techniques! 

How does the iTero scanner work?

The Cadent iTero digital scanner uses laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the surface and contours of the tooth and gum structure. The data collected via a digital scan is more precise than conventional methods used for taking impressions, such as plaster models. The result – superior accuracy that you, the patient, our orthodontists and staff can trust. 


Benefits of the iTero scanner

Real time feedback: The technical savvy of digital scans means patients and dental practitioners are able to watch as the scanned detail of your teeth appears on screen. Your dental practitioner will be able to give you real-time feedback on any dental issues   you might have. 

No more messy scans: With digital scans clinicians can avoid taking messy and often uncomfortable dental impressions. The process is simplified and streamlined, enabling accurate dental records in a more patient friendly and efficient manner. You can be in and out of your appointment in no time. 

Quick and comfortable: With single use imaging shields, digital scans offer maximum infection control. It’s the quick and comfortable way to get started towards your new, healthy smile.


Another innovative piece of orthodontic technology the team at the Straight Smile Centre™ uses is SureSmile software.  This advanced 3D technology combines 3D imaging with prescriptive planning software and robotic archwire customisation to deliver the best possible treatment options for our patients. The precision SureSmile allows means it can reduce treatment time by an average of 33%.

SureSmile isn't a new technology—it has been around for more than 10 years, and during that time has helped create 25,000 smiles in American. Here in Australia, it is growing in popularity but is only available for selected cases.

Contact us at the Straight Smile Centre™ today to find out if the iTero Scanner could benefit your orthodontic treatment.

iTero - The Digital Impression Scanner

Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentist, Mitchell A. Pohl of Boca Raton, Florida demonstrates the use of the iTero digital scanner by Invisalign. The digital scanner can be used in place of conventional crown and...

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