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Invisalign® First

At Straight Smile Centre™, we can use Invisalign® First to treat a wide range of developing issues in young patients. This solution is specifically for little smiles, and consists of removable clear aligners that discreetly and gently encourage proper tooth alignment.

Who is it for?

Invisalign® First is a Phase 1 orthodontic treatment designed to be a gentle way to straighten the developing smiles of children ages 6-10. If problems such as crooked teeth, improper arch development, crowding, and more are detected early, they can often be put right with a small amount of effort.

Invisalign® First is suitable for developing teeth and jaws, helping improve your child’s smile as they grow. But the key to effective treatment is catching issues early on. To promote healthy tooth and jaw development, it’s recommended to schedule your child’s first orthodontic consultation before they turn seven years old.

Who is it for?

How does it work?

Rather than using metal brackets or wires, the Invisalign® system consists of clear plastic aligners which are virtually invisible. When you visit us, we will take digital impressions of your little one’s teeth with the iTero digital scanner. Made from medical grade and BPA-free clear thermoplastic, the aligners are placed over the teeth like a thin sports mouthguard and changed every two weeks, moving your child’s teeth into a slightly different position each time.

Your Specialist Orthodontist will advise you on the proper care of your aligners and the suggested time your child should wear them each day. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important that you follow these recommendations.

How does it work?

Benefits of Invisalign® First

  • Removable aligners. Time for a snack? No problem. Have your child take out their aligners to enjoy their favourite beverages and foods.
  • Comfortable fit. The Invisalign® First system was designed specifically for little smiles, and digital impressions will be taken of your child’s smile for a customised fit.
  • Easy dental hygiene. It’s important to establish a good dental hygiene routine at a young age. And the removable clear aligners won’t interfere with brushing or flossing!
  • Gentle treatment. This is a Phase I orthodontic treatment that achieves extremely effective results without the need for fixed appliances.
  • Flexible appointments. Most visits are in and out, with a quick progress check once every few weeks and remote visit options.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

Benefits of Invisalign® First

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