Insignia Smile Technology

Braces are generally manufactured for a wide range of patients; however, your smile is just like your fingerprints – it’s unique! There’s not another one like it! So, to ensure we get the best results for your individual needs, we use the latest braces technique available – Insignia. 

Benefits of Insignia treatment

Insignia makes orthodontic treatment quicker, more efficient, and more comfortable than traditional orthodontic care. Here are a few reasons why Insignia provides a higher quality of orthodontic treatment:  

  • Reduces treatment time by 25-35%
  • Allows for more precise bracket placement
  • Achieves the most efficient tooth movement with customised brackets and archwires
  • Requires fewer appointments
  • Gets higher quality treatment outcomes, both cosmetically and functionally 

Insignia Smile technology

The Insignia process

Step 1:  Diagnosis and record taking

If Dr Duncan believes you’re a suitable candidate for Insignia, a digital scan will be taken of your teeth for the Insignia smile design lab. This scan takes specialised digital pictures of every surface of your teeth to compile an exact virtual replica of the dental arches. 

This scan data is used in conjunction with digital photos and x-rays to create your customised treatment plan. 

Step 2:  Treatment plan design

Dr Duncan utilises your digital scan along with the Insignia software to design your customised virtual treatment plan and outcome.  

Step 3: CADCAM wire manufacturing

Orthodontic archwires are created using a proprietary milling and shaping process. 

Insignia Smile technology

Step 4: CADCAM bracket manufacturing

The brackets are custom-milled to deliver the desired alignment as specified in the 3D treatment plan. The brackets and wires are then sent to us in custom trays, ready to be fitted to your teeth. 

Step 5: Indirect bonding appointment

Insignia utilises an indirect bonding technique. The teeth are prepared as they would normally be for regular braces; however, instead of individually positioning the brackets one by one, which can be extremely time consuming, the custom tray is placed over the teeth, attaching three to four brackets at once. Once all the brackets are placed and set, the customised archwire is then inserted.

It takes approximately seven weeks between the scan appointment and having your braces fitted. 

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Insignia Smile technology

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