Your jaw makes a big difference to the way your teeth look and how your mouth functions

There are number of things which can affect the function of your jaw and cause ongoing, chronic dental issues, as well as development issues. If you suffer from development issues in your jaw you may later require orthodontics which can be provided from Excel Orthodontics in West Lakes, Glenelg, Warradale and Nuriootpa. Our orthodontic surgeons and dentists have special interest in ensuring jaw function through correcting your bite which can be impeded by a number of occurrences.

What causes misalignment of the jaw?

Jaw misalignment can be caused by a number of problematic dental occurrences. If you have recently lost a tooth this can result in all of your teeth shifting which can in turn result in your teeth overcrowding in areas or dispersing too much, causing small gaps to form. This is also problematic for your jaw because the voids between your teeth mean that your gums will no longer be stimulated, which can cause bone erosion and therefore weakening of the jaw. Habits such as grinding and clenching your jaw due to habit or stress can also result in tense jaw muscles which can affect the function of your jaw. This can cause your jaw to click and be guided into wrong directions such as crossbites, overbites and underbites.

How can you fix jaw misalignment?

In order to fix jaw misalignment the team at Excel Orthodontics can provide a number of dental appliances and orthodontic options. Our range of orthodontic options include traditional Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Incognito and Invisalign for adults. In order to fix jaw alignment we also often use growth modification procedures which involves the use of a dental appliance – such as a mouth guard which you will wear while you sleep or a retainer after braces treatment to maintain your results.

We can use orthognathic surgery if your jaw misalignment is severe

If you have severe jaw misalignment or if the position of your jaw has recently been compromised by a dental injury, our team of dental surgeons may have to perform orthognathic surgery. This surgery involves physically moving your jaw from one position to another to correct a negative upper and lower jaw relationship. When it comes to fixing problems to do with the jaw it is important to think of the upper and lower arch like a puzzle piece which needs to fit together perfectly in order to properly function and look aesthetically pleasing.

It’s important to intercept jaw and teeth development at a young age

The earlier we begin jaw correction with an oral appliance the better as this may reduce your child’s risk of requiring heavy orthodontic treatment such as headgear. We recommend visiting your general dentist at the age of 7 at the latest so that they can monitor the growth of your teeth and your jaws. If any discrepancy is found then the team at Excel Orthodontics can help you.

If you leave your jaw problems untreated they can lead to a number of problems including sleep apnoea and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Sleep apnoea has been linked to a number of potentially fatal diseases such as heart disease and diabetes so it is always beneficial for you to receive treatment while you can.

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