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Tooth coloured braces - Ceramic braces

Tooth coloured braces, also known as ceramic braces, offer the reliability of traditional braces with an added aesthetic benefit.

  • Tooth coloured brackets blend in with the natural colour of your teeth
  • Brackets are stain resistant, maintaining a pleasing aesthetic look
  • Patients often report greater comfort and less gum irritation than with traditional braces traditional braces 

For patients seeking the reliability of traditional braces with the added bonus of having a more aesthetically pleasing look, ceramic braces may well be worth considering. 


How do ceramic braces work?

Ceramic braces differ from traditional metal braces in that they are bonded onto a patient’s teeth using clear or tooth coloured brackets. These brackets are either white or translucent, making ceramic braces far less conspicuous. However, ceramic braces do still require the use of a metal wire which runs across the patient’s teeth, bound in place with the use of elastic bands. 

The tooth-coloured appearance of ceramic braces makes them a popular choice among older patients receiving orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces blend well with the tooth’s natural enamel replacing the requirement of unsightly metal brackets used in traditional treatment with ceramic coloured brackets. 

Tooth coloured braces - Ceramic braces

Benefits of ceramic braces

Ceramic braces offer all the benefits and reliability of the tried and tested metal braces. Appropriate in a range of cases, ceramic braces are often an excellent option for patients who: 

  • Feel self-conscious about wearing traditional wire braces
  • Work in a professional field where appearance can be important
  • Suffer from crooked or misplaced teeth
  • Have issues with their bite 

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Tooth coloured braces - Ceramic braces


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