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Hutt St Centre

Hutt St Centre


Hutt St Centre helps people facing homelessness to rebuild their lives, without judgement.

Straight Smile Centre is proud to support this fantastic charity.

“On behalf of Hutt St Centre I would like to thank Straight Smile Centre for continuing their wonderful support into a fourth year. In 2020 Straight Smile Centre, with its increased level of support, will become one of Hutt St Centre’s largest and most important business partners.

Your support assists Hutt St Centre to provide much needed services to more than 3,000 people each year experiencing homelessness here in the streets of Adelaide. These services include more than 40,000 meals a year, medical/nursing support, showers, lockers and laundry.

Straight Smile Centre helps fund our Day Centre and Meal Centre where these activities are carried out. These services are a critical first contact with people experiencing homelessness, that leads to Case Management and then leads to housing, further education, employment opportunities and, where possible, reconnection with family.

It is overwhelming to see how the staff, Management and customers of Straight Smile Centre have thoroughly embraced our “Cause” and make such a powerful contribution towards helping some of the most disadvantaged people in our community”.

Michael Francis

Development and Partnerships Manager