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Common orthodontic problems

Straight Smile Centre is skilled at treating orthodontic issues from simple to complex. Here are just a few of the issues we can treat here at our practice.


If your teeth are crooked or overlapping each other, this is known as crowding. Crowding can make it difficult to brush your teeth properly, which puts you at risk for cavities. Orthodontics can help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile.


Do you have big gaps between your teeth? Spacing can be closed through orthodontic treatment. This will not only help prevent food from getting stuck between your teeth, it can also give your smile an even, symmetrical look.

Deep bite

Do your top teeth just out far in front of your bottom teeth when you bite? This is known as a deep bite or overbite. And overbite makes your teeth more prone to injury, and can cause chewing and digestive issues. Luckily, it’s something we can easily fix with orthodontics.


An underbite is when your bottom teeth sit out in front of your top teeth. This is one of the most common orthodontic issues we see, and one we can treat with great results.

Open bite

If your upper and lower teeth don’t meet in the middle when you bite together, this is called an open bite. Open bites can be fixed with braces, aligners or surgery, and your Specialist Orthodontist will recommend the best course of action for your smile.


A crossbite is when some of your lower teeth are in front of your top teeth, and some are behind - in other words, they cross over each other. We can treat crossbites successfully with both braces and aligners.

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